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Vivienne Westwood says Greta Thunberg should run the world.

ARTICLE:”We are making some progress, thanks to Greta and the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion,” she said, referencing Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement that prompted children around the world to go on strike from school to protest the lack of governmental action on the climate crisis.” They’ve forced our Government to declare a climate crisis and set targets,”

Prophetic Insights:
“While men are sleeping, Satan is actively arranging matters so that the Lord’s people may not have mercy or justice. The Sunday movement is now making its way in darkness.” Cch 335.2

“A great crisis awaits the people of God. A great crisis awaits the world. The most momentous struggle of all the ages is before us. Events which for more than half a century we have, upon the authority of the prophetic Word, declared to be impending, are now taking place before our eyes. An amendment to the Constitution restricting liberty of conscience, has long been urged upon the legislators of the nation; and the question of enforcing Sunday observance has become one of national importance. Are we ready for the issue involved in the Sunday movement?” {ST, November 28, 1900 par. 1

“There are many, even of those engaged in this movement for Sunday enforcement, who are blinded to the results which will follow this action. They do not see that they are striking directly against religious liberty. There are many who have never understood the claims of the Bible Sabbath and the false foundation upon which the Sunday institution rests. Any movement in favor of religious legislation is really an act of concession to the papacy, which for so many ages has steadily warred against liberty of conscience. Sunday observance owes its existence as a so-called Christian institution to “the mystery of iniquity;” and its enforcement will be a virtual recognition of the principles which are the very cornerstone of Romanism.” {5T 711.4}


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Am Sailas Tokale, and am from Papua New Guinea, which is located in Pacific Region of the world Map.
To be honest, I want to thank AMAZING WORD MINISTRIES, for revealing to us of what is happing around the world, that fulfills the last days prophecies as was prophesied.

It really helped us so much with our spiritual life.

We’re praying for your ministry and others as well.

God bless your ministry.

Hello Bro,

Please can you give me your email address….Your brother from Vanuatu.

really i am enjoying bible prophecy from you pastor… God bless you and give you strength and power ……

Message *am Hiven from zambia. thanks to the amazing word ministries for the good job they are doing of telling us the current happenings about the Sunday law movement.
God bless you and keep it up

Amen. Praise the Lord

Thank you for teaching from the Bible and giving us this timely message of hope. No fear with Jesus. Simple truths explained with current events highlighting and culminating in the return of Jesus! Thank you for sharing with us information about the current leadership of our church and it’s application to end time events.

I enjoy sermons that compare the messages of old with new messages of today. How we should prepare ourselves for the oncoming onslaught of the Sunday Law.
Keep up the good work. May God bless you abundantly, my brother.
From Alberta, Canada

Victoria(Vikki) Adler

Pastor, I am interested in relocating to wherever you are? Please help me

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