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LA Begins Issuing Digital Vaccine Verification. WHO Warns Epidemic Is Now ENDEMIC COVID-19 Vaccine Worthless

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Thank you for your wonderful videos that keep us informed of where we are in the stream of prophecy. My family look forward to these everyday. Please pray for us as we pray for you.


Having some problems, but i can see the vidios. Blessed sabbath day

THANK YOU Pr Emmanuel for your commitment to give the trumpet that certain sound…we all need your messages like never before…they keep ever before us the urgency of our situation in 2021 and beyond. These are critical times for all SDA’s…may God bless your ministry with the power of His Spirit.

By God’s grace, I have never practiced social distancing, worn a mask, or scanned my cell phone on a Q-Card, and by God’s grace I will not poison my body with the vax! May God be with His people as we face head on the difficulties of the last days. Amen.

Amen Sean!

Thank you Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse for keeping up-to-date to know the truth about God in the Bible.

Thank you so much Pastor Emanuel Naugaisse for the wonderful service the Lord had blessed you with. Thank you for being with us in this las days as God’s messenger. I hope i will be able to do the same task for lord is a great king even though I am not worthy to carry his work because i am a sinner. I am pollygamer. But I believe Jesus died for my sin. This happened after being baptized, then I had wrong marriage, now my 3 wives has children God had blessed us with. In 2020, big change came to my life by hearing the words of God from Ellen G White writing and from seeing a lot of videos from amazing Word ministries. My question is am I still worthy to carry out the three angels messages even inthis sinful nature?

I am very very happy to be a follower of Jesus in this last days, it’s a great privilege to be part of the amazing Word ministries and I am the happiest man for receiving Jesus Christ as my King and my Lord. May God bless you brother Emanuel for your commitment to expose Satan deception in this last days.

How can I download this video from the newly created website? Can you please direct me what to do?

I would share the video to your facebook account. Then you got a copy whenever you want it.

Use jdownloader.

Thank you Pastor for the present truth and keeping God’s people up to date on what’s happening in this evil world that we live in until Jesus comes to take us home.
Fear God not the covid-19 or the vaccine. We are to focus on Jesus, pray for each other and study to show are self approved so we will not be deceived.

I am so blessed with those timely messages from the Amazing Word Ministries of Ps Emmanuel.
Without this ministry I will be in the dark regarding the planed demic and the vaccine tests that are upon God’s people. Listening to those last days events prophecies being fulfilled have increased my faith in the Lord Jesus and His Holy Word. I pray that these warnings messages will reach our mainstream church so they will be awakened from their slumber.
May God continue to bless and protect His watchman.

A Blessed sabbath day looking forward to your sermon. want to join you an zoom how i go about it?….

I always look forward to your videos..
Can you please pray for my family members Salvation and pray for me as well that I will not grow weary nor faint while the FATHER bless me to be the Priest in my mother’s house..all is going about their own ways and not considering their own Salvation..I’m all alone in this journey no one to pray with me here…ask the FATHER to send someone that I can evangelize with..I ordered The National Sunday Law and some gospel tracts to pass out to the community..I would like someone to help me reach the neighbors and my love ones…always praying for the saints.

We’re keeping you in our prayers!

@5:57 .. I’d like to point out that the symbol of the WHO is that of the UN, which both feature a polar plot of the earth (so called flat earth plot) with the solar cross centered over the north pole(king of the north, the usurpers throne taking the place of the true God). The WHO also feature a snake upon that throne!

Sorry, @5:30.

Pastor I always look forward to your messages. It has open my eyes to the truth as a young person. I am very grateful. Continue to share the word.

Pastor, I was so fearful of the coronavirus plandemic but since I started watching your videos I’m not fearful anymore. Praise the Most High Yah 🙏🙏🙏 . Keep up the good work.

Pastor, I was so fearful of the coronavirus plandemic but since I started watching your videos I’m not fearful anymore. Praise the Most High Yah 🙏🙏🙏 . Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Keep up the good work.

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