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Fratelli Tutti Receives Its Own Designated Day for Praise and Devotion, is Laudato Si’ Next?

Fratelli Tutti Receives Its Own Designated Day for Praise and Devotion, is Laudato Si’ Next?

January 13, 2021 by Andy Roman

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, has just been given a day to be observed every calendar year as a time for reflection, meditation, ecumenism and brotherhood. February 4 has been declared by the United Nations General Assembly, in the framework of its 75th session, as the International Day of Human Fraternity. The Vatican is praising this decision and credits Fratelli Tutti as the inspiration behind the new annual celebration. The Vatican reported the following:

Fratelli tutti, the recent encyclical of Pope Francis on fraternity and social friendship, as well as the ‘Document on Human Fraternity,’ signed by him and the grand imam of Al Azhar last year, have found a strong echo in the halls and corridors of the United Nations. The UN General Assembly on 21 December adopted a resolution declaring 4 February as the International Day of Human Fraternity. The day is to be observed each year, beginning in 2021.” [1]

The actual text of the new United Nations document establishing Fratelli Tutti as an annual celebration calls on the 193 member-states to do the following:

All Member States, relevant organizations of the United Nations system, other international organizations and civil society, including non-governmental organizations and the private sector, to observe the International Day of Human Fraternity annually on 4 February.” [2]

So here we have the largest and most influential international forum of nations calling on the world to celebrate the Pope’s encyclical. The UN is promoting the decrees of Rome to the world through an annual day of celebration. This important document signed by the United Nations General Assembly also mentions “Pope Francis” by name:

“Taking note of all international, regional, national and local initiatives, as appropriate, as well as efforts by religious leaders, to promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue, and in this regard taking note also of the meeting between Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad al-Tayyib, on 4 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, which resulted in the signing of the document entitled Human fraternity for world peace and living together.” [2]

February 4 has just become a special day of observance to celebrate Pope Francis’ work on “interreligious and intercultural dialogue” and “human fraternity.” Notice what inspiration says about this:

“Our land is in jeopardy. The time is drawing on when its legislators shall so abjure the principles of Protestantism as to give countenance to Romish apostasy. The people for whom God has so marvelously wrought, strengthening them to throw off the galling yoke of popery, will, by a national act, give vigor to the corrupt faith of Rome, and thus arouse the tyranny which only waits for a touch to start again into cruelty and despotism. With rapid steps are we already approaching this period?” (Signs of the Times, July 4, 1899, paragraph, 11).

These truly are “rapid steps” as the international community is mobilizing to adopt the doctrines of Rome. The Pope published Fratelli Tutti in October 3, 2020 and the United Nations has already decreed a special day to commemorate it. Rome is celebrating this major development.

Remember, the Vatican describes Fratelli Tutti as the “sum of Pope Francis’ social teachings.” [3] They don’t use the word “political,” but the term “social,” which basically means the same thing. In fact, the encyclical is purely political, not spiritual or religious. And what is the heart of Fratelli Tutti? Notice what the Pope’s encyclical says:

“Let us dream, then, as a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her beliefs and convictions, each of us with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all.” (Fratelli Tutti, Section #8). [4]

The unity discussed here is not based on biblical truth or on Jesus Christ. The fraternity that is being created is apparently superior to Christ and His church. It is an order that is above the will of God because, according to Pope Francis, every faith and belief system is accepted equally: Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, pagans, atheists and Satanists.

To make this new fraternity a reality, Pope Francis has substituted the principles of the Christian faith for those of the French Revolution: “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.” These words appear as a caption above Section #103 in Fratelli Tutti. [4] This was the rally cry during the Reign of Terror that existed during the French Revolution. We are seeing those scenes repeating themselves right now here in the United States. A purge is taking place and the undesirables are being cancelled and excluded from society and the coming new economy. This is the revolution that will help clear the way for the Great Reset.

“It is imperative to have a proactive economic policy directed at promoting an economy that favours productive diversity and business creativity and makes it possible for jobs to be created and not cut” (Fratelli Tutti, Section #168). [4]

“What is needed is a model of social, political and economic participation that can include popular movements and invigorate local, national and international governing structures with that torrent of moral energy that springs from including the excluded in the building of a common destiny, while also ensuring that these experiences of solidarity which grow up from below, from the subsoil of the planet – can come together, be more coordinated, keep on meeting one another” (Fratelli Tutti, Section, #169). [4]

Pope Francis is advocating the principles of Marxism. He is on a mission to control your wallet and your soul. He is attacking free market capitalism. He goes beyond the spiritual realm and engages in pure partisan politics. He is influencing the votes. He doesn’t like America’s economic system, a system that has helped more poor people than any other system in the world. Our free market has been a great liberator for millions of people.

So what will churches, governments, NGOs, nations and individuals celebrate on Fratelli Tutti Day this February 4, 2021 and every year in the future? They will be honoring a culture of death (pro-abortion UN policies), moral and religious relativism, a Masonic ecumenical movement [5], Mother Earth pantheism [6] and Marxist socialism. This will lead to the temporary reign of the Antichrist where dissent, freedom of speech, economic prosperity, autonomy and religious liberty will end under the new totalitarian dictatorship.

What is next? Will the United Nations and other politiciansdeclare Sunday to be a weekly day of rest to commemorate Laudato Si’, the Pope’s climate change encyclical? You better believe it. It is coming.

“Brethren, in the name of the Lord I call upon you to awake to your duty … May God bring His people under the deep movings of His Spirit! May He lead them to arouse, to see their peril, and to prepare for what is coming upon the earth!” (Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 301).

“I do hope that the trumpet will give a certain sound in regard to this Sunday-law movement. I think that it would be best if in our papers the subject of the perpetuity of the law of God were made a specialty…. We should now be doing our very best to defeat this Sunday law.” (Last Day Events, p. 128).


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