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COVID Vaccine Killed 25 In Norway. Kamala Harris Fake Vaccine JAB. Pope Adventist Baptist Pastors Soul Their Members To Bill Gates

Pope Adventist Baptist Hireling Shepherds Throwing The Flock To The Wolves. Don’t Sell Your Soul from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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Good morning thank you so much pastor I will not exchange my soul for the worldly things only for God and our Lord Jesus alone

Good morning pastor Emanuel hope you are bless and highly favored by God almighty today. Some one responded to my comments and Sabbath telling me not to follow the half shoot pastor telling me to leave the church. Iam following the words of Jesus that you are giving us through the guidance of the holy spirit teaching.You did not tell anyone to leave God church and the conference is not God organization any more.when they change the logo 1995 of the three angel of Revelation who will carry e message to the world and put up the Jesuits sign they tell God he is not their leader and that they will make their own decisions they don’t need his direction any more. They are just like the children of Israel who tell God they want man to rule over them And not God.well Pastor I want God to rule over me not man. This sister need a mental health check up with Doctor Jesus. God bless you my pastor hang on to Jesus it won’t be long. The best is yet to come . God speed.

I believe that Ted Wilson and all these religious leaders are forcing the vaccine upon people is because they are having big money out of it, they couldn’t care less what will happen to their people when we lose faith in God money become our god what a tragedy, yet God say to us in Ezekiel that only those who sign and cry will receive the seal of God

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