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Fauci Health Experts Say Wear 4 Masks. More COVID Vaccine Deaths. 3ABN Stars Muzzled Up. Is Walter Veight Extremist?

Adventist Today Said Walter Veight Made Unfouded Claims About The Jab. 3ABN Stars Muzzled Up And Have Fallen from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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Hello Pastor.
I thank you for your services and your consistency. It lifts my soul.
The mask: it is generally thought that a lot of unhealthy bacteria collects in the mouth as a result of our eating habits. Hence the saying breathe in via the nose and out through the mouth to expel the bacteria into the fresh air. As a result of wearing the mask bacteria will collect in the mask. In that warm and wet environment it will multiply in an exponential manner! Now all that bacteria, as one breathes in, will, through the lungs, have an easy path into the blood stream and so into the heart and other vital organs!
God bless,

I cant praise God enough for your ministry pastor I had such a good laugh with the triple masks but sad that our own leaders is throwing God people to the wolf we need more leader as this president of Tanzanian, we need to pray for him for they might kill him, lord have mercy

Amazingly, You were CORRECT!! They did kill him– First he went missing and then they said he did of a heart attack! There are so many people revealing the truth that are dying of heart attacks! Energy directed weapons– demonic technology!

Is the hundred and forty four thousand literal?
And who is John reffering too the number in the same passage that number that comes out of tribulation?

I will follow the path of God.

Good message.

can someone reply

Thank you for your message, though one thing you should have mentioned in the video of What’s up Prof regarding vaccine us that they quoted Ellen White recommending the small pic vaccine to other workers as well as taking it herself. I agree the rubbish in these now and from before negates the reason to take them, but if they were done how they used to be and let the immune system work with the dead virus as it used to be then their is no issue. Above all that the foid we eat usnt the same as Jesus or Daniels time, we do the best we can putting our lives in constant prayer with God.

Thank you for this truth based message. We need to guard our bodies from this experimental vaccine. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and I must not defile it. Don’t drink the wine of Babylon. It is deceptive.

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