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Pope Francis “Let Us Dream Of COVID Vaccines 352 Deaths and Nanoparticles Inside Of Human Brain To Connect Them To The Cloud

Pope Let Us Dream Of Solidarity and Super Human Beings. Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord! from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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Amen! Thank you Pastor for the present truth. I like this different way that you are presenting the word of God. Keep the soul right by staying on the narrow path and follow the Lord way not the way of the world.

Daniel 8:25 is “by peace he shall DESTROY many”. Pastor Nougaisse always says “deceive” instead of “destroy”.

Michael Both Gatluak

Amen! thanks a lot Pastor praise be unto the Almighty God for keeping you safe and sound to give these warnings to note only to the Seventh Day Adventists but to the world us well.

A wonderful message! I can only see half of the screen…maybe I can find you on Vimeo.

What a message those who have ears must hear .Thanks Pastor.

Tanzania’s President refused to recieve the Corona vaccine and said he is not planning to recieve it. “If those whites were capable of making vaccines there would be vaccines for TB, cancer, maralia, HIV etc., don’t think that they love you much and don’t ever think of receiving free things and helps from them they are not intending in helping you but destroying you. You will hear many, you will be frightened much but keep your faith on God he had never left us, we depend on him and will never leave us, keep praying “He said

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