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Mark Of The Beast Anti-vaccine Extremists Are Domestic Terrorism. Social Credit Good People First. Aztec god Human Sacrifices

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i enjoy your sermon
i learned alot
Thahk You in the name of Jesus Christ
God Bless

Hallo Pastor how are you doing,
Hoping that the Lord protect you more as the strife goes on.
my name is Nelson Wilson from Curacao The Netherlands Antilles.
i was looking for the video where you was talking about the number of the Beast and that the Covid19 has the same number 666
can you send that video for me or can you send me the message and all the chapter and verses for me to learn more about the number.
me and my family are watching you and we will ask God to keep you and hoping that we will meet soon on Jesus return.
Thank you and hoping to get all of these from you as soon as possible.
God Bless you Pastor.
Nelson Wilson.

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