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Seventh-day Adventists have Partnered with FEMA and the US Department of Homeland Security to Organize ‘Mass’ Vaccination Events

May 4, 2021 by Andy Roman

President Joe Biden just announced that he wants 70 percent of adults in the United States to get vaccinated by July 4, 2021. [1] That’s a great undertaking. The federal government wants to accelerate the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine through its Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a division of the US Department of Homeland Security. It appears that the federal government has found its new partner to help accelerate Joe Biden’s vaccination drive.

Adventist Health has now teamed up with FEMA and the US Department of Homeland Security to hold “mass vaccination events” for the public. [2] Andrea Kofl, president of Adventist Health in the Central Valley (California) explained this new partnership:

By joining forces with FEMA, we are able to speed up vaccinations and ensure that every person who wants the vaccine, gets the vaccine.” [2]

In the name of “national security” Adventist Health has become the proud partner of the US Department of Homeland Security. We are now pushing the Covid-19 globalist political agenda for our federal government. This is church and state coming together in partnership to enforce health mandates. Whose health mandates are they? We are following the directives of the United Nations, Rome, the Biden administration and other globalists. Can we not see that these events are leading to the establishment of the kingdom of the beast, the image of the beast and the mark of the beast?

“The Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes; for it is to be the great test for the people of God, by which their eternal destiny will be decided” (Selected Messages, Vol. 2, p. 81).

We have now joined the effort to carry the globalist message to the world. We are proclaiming the world’s message. We are offering the world’s science. We are advocating the world’s solutions. We prefer to help enforce the political agenda of the beast and its image. What about God’s message? What about God’s work? What about God’s solutions? What are we doing and whose side are we on?

This is just the latest example of the dreadful work that some are doing to undermine our mission from within. We may soon not have to worry about all the external enemies and threats when so many within the church are dismantling our movement. Don’t we understand the implications of this partnership with FEMA?

During a national crisis, the broad emergency powers of the federal government are at their highest point. The moment a sitting US president declares a “national emergency,” all powers and decision-making are left to his discretion. The president’s emergency powers can take control of the internet, declare martial law, suspend our constitutional rights, impose mandatory curfews and close businesses – all in the name of protecting national security. [3]

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a division of the US Department of Homeland Security, is the government organization that takes control during times of crisis. FEMA not only distributes water, food, supplies and medical equipment during disasters, it is now promoting “mass vaccination events” in our communities with its new partners – Adventist Health. FEMA has the ability, if a national emergency is declared, to turn any part of the United States into a police state and establish a dictatorship by government bureaucrats.

Tragically, we have become part of the instrument that will soon bring upon us our own oppression. Today, our partnership with the federal government is about enforcing federal health mandates. Soon, these same partnership will be used to betray the faithful during the mark of the beast:

I saw the nominal church and nominal Adventists, like Judas, would betray us to the Catholics to obtain their influence to come against the truth. The saints then will be an obscure people, little known to the Catholics; but the churches and nominal Adventists who know of our faith and customs will betray the saints and report them to the Catholics as those who disregard the institutions of the people; that is, that they keep the Sabbath and disregard Sunday” (Spalding and Magan Collection, p. 1).


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