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Pope Francis Let Us Dream Of The Great Reset National SUNday Law. Fourth Industrial Revolution Papacy Pale Horse


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How are you Mr. Emmanuel I am finding it difficult to play the video. by the way keep on educating the nation especially here in Namibia we are lost lost we have been tough lies about the bible and its ten commandments..i always follow you videos and your teaching is absolute.

your video is not working, doesn’t come on

Hi, don’t know if it’s the country I’m viewing from, New Zealand, but I can’t view your video’s!!! Each time it says “ugetube.com” refuses to connect, it just shows a grey screen with an unhappy square face. Is there another place where you post these recent video’s?

video error

I love to watch your presentations, brother Nougaisse. In concluding thoughts of last/latest one you aired that I just finished watching, “Trojan Horse at the Door”, you comment how we should respond to Covid 19 pushers, that come to our door, offering to ‘poison’ us, right in our home, you suggest we offer them some SDA books and get into witnessing conversation. Instead of not opening door to them and hoping they`ll go away. And that they are victims of sin, as is Pope, and we should try saving their souls. I believe they are well prepared to argue every point we can present them in our refusing the ‘jab’, and will argue with us at our door, pressuring us into submission. And it is never advisable to get into conversation with Satan – or his servants – because he will out smart us, as he did Eve, and every human, for we all have sinned on his urging. I believe Pope and his cahoots, know exactly that they are tools in Satan`s hand, and are so voluntarily..not unknowingly. If they are all victims of Satan`s deception, then we should be praying for them, not run away from them – as God directs in Revelation. What do you think of my views on this?..I think if these Covid pimps/mongers come to my door, I`ll just not answer their knock/bell.

P.S. if Pope is victim of Devil`s deception, than it will not be just nor fair for God to condemn him for something sinful he`s been doing unknowingly. Lev. 5:17; “And if a soul sin, and commit any of these things which are forbidden to be done by the commandments of the LORD; though he wist it not, yet is he guilty, and shall bear his iniquity.”

Good work brother, may GOD bless you

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