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AntiVaxxers Are Terrorists. Adventists & Jesuits Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines


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I love all of your messages. Even Eric Clapton is protesting and he has written a couple of songs about his protests. I am terribly saddened that the majority of our people have taken the poisen . How blind ans stupid can they be. Don’t they see what is happening? I pray that God will remove the blinders from their eyes and give them some eye salve, so that they may really see what is really happening. Keep up your preaching of the Present Truth. Amazing Word Ministries is also doing the same and I praise God for both of your ministries. I support both of you. One of my church friends used to watch both your ministries and then stopprd doing so and ended up taking the poisen. I am praying for her and her husband to repent, which is all we can do. They don’t see what is happening. So sad.

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