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You Need A Fourth COVID Vaccine. SDA Leaders Blame Ellen White, Fully Reject The Health Message


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Thank you for explaining more about the health message. I found out the dangers of coffee from a book called Caffeine Blues. It is all caffeine, not just coffee. Now we have a proliferation of energy drinks with so much more caffeine and very addictive. Praise the Lord for your ministry and the truth! It proves again how much the enemy is trying to kill us from every angle. We are under siege. God bless your family and may God’s angels surround you with His protection. So thankful a friend turned me onto your ministry.

Where are you I cannot find you

Are you just against the Church leaders? Or something else.
The mark of the beast is the Sunday law how are the vaccines related? And how are Adventists affected those ready to stand for the sake of the Sabbath?

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