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Who Does The General Conference Of Seventh Day Adventist Really Work For? God or Popery&Government?


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Pastor, you are the Martin Luther of our time. May GOD bless you.

I agree with you. I pose a question, if we were told we had to eat pork or lose our job, eating pork is not in the Ten Commandments, but shouldn’t we from the dictates of our conscience which is the Holy Spirit be obedient to God instead of man. There is an important thing the SDA leadership is missing, they should be fully supporting our freedom and liberty to live according to our conscience which is only between God and me. I think it’s dangerous for SDA leadership not to help protect our religious liberty , ie our conscience . Thank you for boldness preaching truth, we need more men like you! God bless you and your ministry.🙏

Susana, God specifically says which meats are clean, and which are Not clean and Not to be eaten. Pork is one of the Unclean meats.. Just because it’s not one of the 10 Commandments does not mean we don’t have to abide by His rules for eating, or drinking, or dress, or wearing of makeup or jewelry, etc.

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