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General Conference Hijacked Seventh Day Adventist Loud Cry Message & Fallen With Rome. Follow Jesus


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I am so much impressed with the work of the holy spirit in your life. Long to have a community of believers as this, that can say the truth even heavens fall.
I am a Nigerian, with passion to share this undiluted truth, especially in the local language of our people in Northern Nigerian Union Conference (Hausa language) etc.
I pray that God spares my life and anoint me with the holy spirit to actualize my burning desire for sharing the very truth of the word of God to the dying world regardless of the persecutions and death that we are meant to receive.
Thanks to God almighty for His faithfulness to His word.
I am determined to use my last breath to speak the undiluted truth of the word of God as the holy spirit gives me understanding.

Please verify for me the information concerning the adventist church paying the vatican 29 million dollars to keep quiet.. you can send info to: carol.webberley@gmail.com. thank you

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