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Thanks for exposing anything that offends God. I can not believe our top leaders of the SDA church are joining with the Papacy. Wow. There will be a lot of knowledgeable ministers coming against the people of God once the Sunday law is enforced. That is why we need to know our Bible and we are very fortunate to have people like you to show us the things that are going on in the world and with our church and prophesy. Thanks again

hey soldier, I tried sending a bigger message through email! I don’t know why you’re ostracized by the church except for you are pretty loud! lol.
I don’t disagree with all the paganism that you’re exposing.
Not that we should unite if the administration is going apostate.
Do you think there’s anyway to work things out with Lomacang and the rest of the conference?’ or do you think it’s too late and there to compromised?!
I’m originally from Boise and live in Vancouver Washington now! I was raised in the church, then mocked it! Partly because I said there’s no way the Papacy is coming back in power! I see it! This article Facebook likes to say it’s eight years old! To discredit it! Next thing they’re going to do is say the Bibles a couple thousand years old! They will start discrediting it! Understand that in this article, I believe his motive and collusion! The first question I ask Pope Francis, “If Jesus Christ Saved the World how are you and Bill Gates Going to save it?”


I believe the marketplace article exposes early planning of the Plandemic! Look up event, 201
Understand that Klaus, Schwab and Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Hopkins, university, sponsored coronavirus pandemic simulation, October 18, 2019 right before the pandemic! From October to January 2020 CEOs broke the record retiring! It’s like they knew!
Also, I read up on gain of function. I’m not 100% but I will give you what I have.! In gain of function when a virus is manipulated, it’s possible it could lose function! Not 100%, but like the ability to infect the original host!! how it red is it’s not consistent, and it may not happen, but it could happen! That makes me suspect of SARS one and Mers as well!
I would have to talk to some virologist to confirm, but here’s why I’m coming to this possible conclusion!
Remember, they let us to the Wuhan market early and started talking about Bats! They wanted to psychologically get us ready because they thought they were going to re-infect the bat and say it came from natural escape so that we would forget, and they can continue to manipulate viruses to infect humanity that never happened before! PROBLEM!! THEY WERE NOT ABLE TO REINFECT the BAT!!
so how did they know to even say it came from a BAT???!!! because Dr. Fauci shipped a coronavirus study on horseshoe bats from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to the Wuhan lab! He overseen it I knew it was happening! That’s why I believe it’s in consistent from what I’ve read and from what happened because they lead us to bats early and then they couldn’t reinfect the bat! they were manipulating the virus and they were trying to lie and if they would’ve reinfected the bad, they would’ve got away with it !

Thanks for your time. I am an SDA believer coming from Roman Catholic background. I have seen you teaching various things about the Seventh Day Adventist church including the leaders, etc. I am just asking as a new believer what should I do? Should I go back to Roman Catholic?

Very good message. Keep up the good work. You are opening the eyes of the people in the world

Thank you brother for this important message and your faithfulness to Jesus Christ! Bless you

John Earl Alberty Jr

Thank you for truth

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