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Ted Wilson Adventist Conference Promote The Hopeful, The F Word, Clusterf*ck, Queer Your Story and Below Her Mouth MOVIES


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Pastor, my wife and I have been following you a short while we believe you are teaching the truth. We are not SDA but since the, as you put it shamdemic, we have been searching for the truth. We were Catholic years ago but for 15 years or so have realized something was just not right. They never really taught the Bible. In 2020 we found Walter Veiths series Total Onslaught and it has led us to the SDA. God has led us on a journey to watching many different SDA Pastors and many of your sermons on them have brought even more light to us. As per the movie The Hopeful it’s is very interesting to see your video on it. I say this because in 2021 we saw the movie, Tell the World, on YouTube which has now been out seven years. Tell the World is exactly the same as The Hopeful. So I find it odd that The Hopeful is being promoted as a new movie. It is free on YouTube as Tell the World. We just watched Little Light Studios on YouTube whom by the way are SDA and they were also promoting the producer of the movie The Hopeful, as it was a new movie as well. But we never saw his name as producer of Tell the World movie in the credits. My wife and I just thought that it was very odd. God has led us to your posts to help us find the truth and we want to thank you for your loud cry.

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