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My Testimony With A Broken Ankle & Wanted To Die

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Thank you pastor, again going through the health thing too and right now watching in bed…yep people say same to me spiritual warfare; pain from May; hospital no help; turned me away many times. Seems to be a very mysterious sickness. Praise God He will give us victory. You have just reminded me of a personal scripture that I have made into a scripture song, Jeremiah 1:17-19. Glad you are healing. God ain’t done with you as yet. You have much more work to do here. We love you pastor. Be strong, I am encouraged tho sometimes I don’t know whether I will live or die either. God bless you.

Continue doing what God needs to be done in his vineyard God Bless you, in the field we will be battered and bruised but he promises to take us through he will never leaves us are forsaken us ,let us continue until we reach the pearly gate, lots of prayers .

Through it all we learn to trust in Jesus and we serve trusting in Jesus never a time such as this

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