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Biden 666 Great Reset Jesuit Oath Inauguration. Catholic Church To Heal America. Christians NASTIEST People?

Pope Catholic America. 2021 Earth Is Spinning Faster. Jesus: Except Those Days Shall Be Shortened from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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The “globe” Earth is not spinning, faster or at all. The Bible says the Earth doesn’t move, it’s on pillars, it has foundations. Not one Bible verse says the Earth moves. The Earth is laid out like a plain. The Bible says it’s the sun that moves, rises, sets. Why do you believe this “science falsely so called”? Why don’t you believe what the Bible says about the Earth? Your gigantic globe Earth that I have to quickly scroll past to get to your videos is a fist in the face of God.

Yes, he’s aged… but those are two different Joe Bidens that you showed starting at 40m30s. Beware of great deceptions.

AMEN. Pastor please pray for us we need your prayers

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