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Adventist Today Calls Christopher Hudson A Conspiracy Theorist For Distributing Great Controversy Book At Trump Rally

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God bless you Pastor Nougaisse for giving Brother Hudson credit for his work. Like you, he is totally invested in saving souls for Jesus and puts his heart and soul in working to witness for Jesus. This is not the first time, nor the last him and his group of volunteers have passed out the Great Controversy at rallies. May God bless you both for the work you are doing. Glad to hear your foot is finally healing! Cheers, John

To God be the glory!

The independent ministries are the ones bringing the light/ present truth to the masses…they are true watchmen!!! May God bless you all!!! Continue God’s work ….never mind those sleeping bridesmaids, apostates antichristians leading our church which have nothing good to do except trying to inhibit the good work of others!!! Be sure these antichristians will fail. Nobody can stop the present truth,!!!truth!!!

Very good Chris may God multiply your blessings ..
What an opportunity????!!!
Adventist world should be ashamed of them selves

I remember Ben Carson saying the Right would bring about the Sunday law, not the Left.. Of course he has become a part of this world, and forsook the kingdom of heaven..

I also distribute “The Great Controversy”. God brought me to the SDA Church through this book. Adventists, don’t be fooled by the General Conference. Many of our leaders are compromising with the world.

The GC is the most controversial book to many and suddenly to most Seventh Day Adventists, philosophers and academics as well as of today, because it contains the true message God intended for the world. This book when well read with, prayer and the inspiration of the holy spirit, it is very transforming. I would do the same as well if I was having more print outs of the book, because it addresses the Pop of Rome as the anti christ, the message most adventism are clearly avaoiding to address or say at the moment. The message should be preached and such books should be distributed to many for them to know the truth. It is imperative to remember that the original Great Controversy 1888 edition, has been re-written and re-printed with less emphasis on the church of Rome and the papcy, as for such the book Great Hope was written counter the original series. I will encourage everyone not to read this book because a lot of facts have been removed. It is amazing to see determined Gods children defying the odd and distribute or preach the gospel message, the three angels message. To God be the glory.

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