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Bill Gates Digital COVID Vaccination Passport. 24 Elderlies Died After Inoculation. Pope CommonPass Common Good SUNday Law

Is JEHOVAH Your God Or The Papacy? The Rumbling Of The SUNday Law vs. The True Sabbath Of The Lord from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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I want to listening to the latest video/semorn

Good evening pastor, we thank God Almighty for your ministry and your life. May He continue to bless for the present truth.


Thank you Pastor. I am pleased to hear that your leg is healing. You and I live in opposite sides of the planet. But I live in hope that I will be redeemed and will meet you and your family soon in the kingdom of Heaven.

Happy Sabbath to you pastor Emanuel may God continue to bless you and strength you as you continue to blow the trumpet.

God bless you pastor,and happy Sabbath

My Body is the Temple of God not the temple of the drug company to make fillthfy rich

I have friends who have taken the vaccine and are fine. But I think we should discuss why the vaccine is wrong to take even if it doesn’t kill you immediately. For example the use of aborted babies or monkey cells.

Want to hear more and very awakening sermon ,more power pastor,God bless .

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