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It Is High Time To Get Out Of The Cities. A Message To Seventh Day Adventists

It Is High Time To Get Out Of The Cities. A Message To Seventh Day Adventists from Amazing Word Ministries on Vimeo.

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Thanks for that message, Sis. Donah! That was encouraging! But what if one’s wife and family don’t believe about having to go out and live in the country? That would be very challenging! Especially that it’s currently wintertime here in Canada – it’s -30C, snowy, windy and terrible! I’m convinced that the coming persecution will coerce people to do things that are against their conscience. So what are we going to do? Go out, freeze and die or just stay where you are, evangelizing in the city. God help us when that time comes!

My Advice is to allow the holy Spirit to direct you. God bless

I have never learned how to drive nor don’t have enough finances to afford a car. I don’t have the finances to afford moving to the country being I live in an affordable housing.

I have been praying for God to make a way for me to relocate to countryside area. I feel that Pastor Emanuel should form assistance for us to move into the country. He can establish a village and we work together establishing each other housing. Like Moses lead his people out of Eygpt and created a shelter for his people.

Pastor Emanuel is using funds to display the Lord’s message but it would be good to establish funds for developing housing in the country side. Funds to help those like myself to relocate to his own congregation village established t live. Just telling people to move out of the country isn’t enough but actually providing help for those unable to finally relocate to the country is the main key.

Marie Yvette Augustin

Please pastor Emmanuel what county in America is the best for Living County.

God has directed us already through the writings of Ellen White. All of her comments after 1890 she said to move out of the cities. Fire and brimstone will be rained down upon the cities during God’s judgments which is another reason to exit the sin centers called cities. She said we need a place in the country where we can raise our own food because the issue of buying and selling will be a serious one. The new age conference system does not talk about country living as it sounds fanatical to them and not progressive like they are. People in Canada live in the country all the time and in all countries. They have housing that protects them from the elements and have land to grow things and to offer distance from neighbors whom EGW said will be our enemies. We need places we can pay off quickly, because we will not be able to make mortgage payments during the sunday laws. The sunday laws should last 3.5 years as Daniel 12 says. EGW said, “We need to study Daniel 12 because it is a warning we all need to understand before the time of the end.” She placed it in the future. Doug Batchelor and Kenneth Cox both said it is in the future in a second application.

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