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COVID Vaccine Religious Misinformation. Whoever Does Not Get Vaccinated Will Be Left Behind, No Buying And Selling. Wait Upon The Lord!

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Dear Pastor Emmanuel Nougaisse, Thank you for your present truth messages. Would you please place my son Joshua, age 27 on your prayer list for deliverance from alochol, drugs, ciggeretts, anger, probation and all evil habits destroying his mind and body..demon vexation and tourment ..a deceptive relationship. The enemy has been at work on Joshua since he was a teenager. Baptized SDA. Please ask Jesus with me, to spare his life again to be a solider in The Lord’s army somehow..Mark 9:23..”Man’s extremities are God’s opportunities.”

Please pray we few in this group with Joshua can be in harmony with Jesus’ will to be saved in God’s Kingdom. It’s been an awful hard battle. Pray for me also, Joshua’s mother. Tired!

God bless and keep you safe and your Ministry for Him prosperous!
Thank you,

Are you aware that this program called “corona virus” was developed about 10 years ago?
Toxic chemical are being sprayed on the air in colonies and cities causing the symptoms called “corona virus.”
Helping people with the symptoms of the so called “corona virus” are not contagious, never got me infected. poison’s symptoms can not be contagious.
Thank you for interesting topics of the work of the enemy taking captive the world and the SDA church.
Our GOD will spare his people in these last days.
from the USA.

Wow! I am emailing this video to many. Sent with lots of prayers. thank you for this very informative very critical information needed for such a time as this. Thank you for your prayers for me and mine to all of God’s ppl looking forward to meeting you all at the tree of life.

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