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Permanent PLAN-DEMIC SUNday Lockdown. Climate Change: Bill Gates Blocking The Sun. NY COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

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Why can’t we listen to this sermon 28th March

Vaccine passport and last days. Is this the end?

Dear Pastor Emmanuel I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus .
Pastor my conference ie Cape Conference of Seventhday Adventists Church is hosting a virtual camp meeting that started Thursday the 1st to sunday the 4th April 2021 but what disturbed me is the symbols of sunset or sunrise and the moon and why this camp meeting is in the easrter week why can’t waite until Easter is over normally the camp meeting here is always in May you can look at this for yourself Pastor . Now I fully understand that the leadership is not interested for our salvation at all Pastor

Dear Pastor Emmanuel I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ .Pastor I’m from South Africa in my conference ie cape conference of seventh day adventists is hosting a 2nd annual virtual camp meeting that started 1-4 April 2021 the theme is I will go (Hope in the Endtime.)But my problem is that why the camp meeting is on this tim.e usually be in May why now is on April and in Easter weekend and what surprise me a lot is that the symbols of sun and moon Pastor Im very shocked I asked myself why is the use of that symbols there you can look for yourself Pastor

Dear Emmanuel your sermons are being blocked by u tube is there any other way to hear and watch them. Don’t forget to ring about the boards in Australia. All is fine. Everything has been fixed. Milly is bringing back the books to Queensland, where we can both use them when the boards are up. Time is closing quickly and we must be about our Father’s business. Christian regards Pam Vause

Good afternoon pastor. i hope Our Lourd and our ever-Present God is still keeping your safe for His Purpose.know that you have us supporting you with our prayers, all and above we thank God Almight for a Pastor like you and others who are willing to die for the truth. May God of Jacob continue to strengthern you for his services.

May God bless you abundantly pastor Emanuel for all you done to me. Through Jesus, I am getting so much inspired by his words you use to share with us. indeed we are living in the end times period.

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