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Breaking News: SDA Conference President You Can’t Come To Church Unless You Have COVID-19 Health Pass


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There is no virus. The Wuhan lab leak theory is a divergence from simple truth – There is no virus! They are killing millions of people in the hospitals! The ventilators are killing machines! Masks causes pneumonia! Masks are witchcraft. The injections are black magic witchcraft! Many are suffocating with infection inside the lungs from wearing masks! Read Mark 7. Read Daniel 3. Read Revelation 13. This whole thing is a deception to worship the ☀ sun. They are killing millions of people and blaming it on something no one has ever seen. No one has ever isolated a virus. There is no such thing as a virus. In science, we call it germ theory! It is all just a theory and really does not exist in real life! Jesus is real! Jesus does save you from sin. The deceptions of the devil is only but a moment, but eternal life is from Jesus Christ.

Happy Sabbath Dear Pastor Emmanuel and thank you for this sermon. So very informative and up to date with all the crazy things that are going on, all over this world we are trying to live in. I intend to stand and be a fool for Jesus until HE comes back on the clouds to call us home. I will not take the poison, nor wear any masks and I will continue to talk to people every time I can, also hug everyone I can. Please continue to speak the truth. You are looking very strong now that you have come back to us from your illness. Thank you for all you do for the rest of us. God bless you.

There is no pestilence! Stop giving power unto the beast. Stop giving power unto the antichrist! Stop giving power to his deceptions! Read Mark 7, Revelation 13 and Daniel 3. There is no virus! The pestilence is a sham! There is no pestilence! Satan had gotten a hold of people so to use them to be deceived into thinking there is something there is not. Meanwhile they are killing millions of people in the hospitals. The ventilators are killing machines. The masks causes pneumonia. Lockdowns are making people sick. There is no virus! There is no pestilence! What there is: is Church and State joining together to form a totalitarian, communitarian, authoritarian, dictatorship and a ruling of the antichrist. This is the image of the beast that is upon this earth! There is no pestilence! Stop making God look bad! Stop saying Satan is killing people with a virus when clearly it is deception! The antichrist is using deception.

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